Rasika.pro | Retail + Merchandising
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Retail + Merchandising

Retail Merchandising for stores


We are a one stop Buying Agency that caters to your need of sourcing clothes & accessories from different Indian designers. Our company has been an accredited Buyer at the Indian Fashion Weeks for the last over 10 years and we bring retail expertise to you, whether in India or overseas. Product curation is our forté.

Franchise consulting


With a franchise that operated for 4 years for our retail store Rudraksh, we have had hands on experience in running a successful franchise business. Whether you are a designer or a multi-designer store, we will help you to understand your franchisee’s growth as business ROI, so that your business ROI grows too.

Retail 101 & Branding


When I started out, I didn’t have any manuals that could refer to, which taught me how to calculate margins, retail overheads, operations, sourcing, logistics and more. Over 10 years I have learnt on the job and can safely say that if you as an aspiring retailer, a Branding and Retail 101 is just what you need, to avoid making costly mistakes! Get in touch to know more.