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August 8th 9th 10th are envisioned as days where we will have workshops, panel discussions, content plenaries and retail happening through the 3 days.


The TG and audience is expected to comprise clients of Rudraksh, social influencers from different fields, students, faculties and interest groups. We hope to touch about 1000 people directly and many more indirectly through the media outreach and networking opportunities.

The Fashion Narrative 2019


Rudraksh retail will host weavers, artisans participating by invitation only. Some of these have an extremely rich product and have been invited to exhibit & sell textiles, crafts & niche lifestyle picks that are small batch producers. This is our way of celebrating the Independence week since 2009 and for bringing the focus of fashion and Make in India to the true grassroot of an ecosystems’ engagement.


Panel Discussions aim to engage knowledge plenaries for those with aligned interest areas.


Workshops are focused around fashion and lifestyle topics, to bring in interesting learning opportunities for audiences, whether as a Club or as individuals wanting to sign up for specified time slots.


The proceeds raised from The Fashion Narrative go to the efforts and work that TVAM Foundation undertakes in the year

TVAM Foundation


Rasika has dedicated her efforts of patronizing research & documentation of Indian fashion histories through The Vishwas & Anuradha Memorial (TVAM) Foundation. The Foundation started in the memory of her late parents, in Jan 2019 aims to streamline all her earlier work done in this field. Events like The Fashion Narrative seek to engage audiences & create dialogues on the fashion and textile histories of India, a topic that thus far has been a domain of a few.


TVAM Foundation has already done some pioneering work and Rasika believes that The Fashion Narrative as an event, is with the purpose to bring together people with a passion and pursuit in skilling, knowledge share, a better understanding of textile & fashion histories in India andseeks to engage with audiences who would like to be patrons of Art, Culture & textile heritage of this region. Just buy a ticket to any of the workshops, content plenaries, or browse through the retail and shop! All proceeds go to the Foundation’s work.